Chris Engelsma

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary Syllabus Greek I Meeting times:  online Credit hours:  three Lecturer:  Prof. G. Bilkes; Instructor:  Chris Engelsma;, (616) 259-0172 Mission Statement: … Read More »

61. What does the conversion of Israel mean? Despite the judgments on the Jews for their rejection of Christ, and the breaking down of the… Read More »

I. Introduction and Definition A. Relationship between the Pactum Salutis and the Covenant of Grace (CoG) B. The CoG is the covenant in which God… Read More »

I. What is Covenant Theology? A. One of core assumptions is that God has approached His people through covenant B. One example of a definition,… Read More »

Douglas F. Kelly, Systematic Theology, vol. 1 555–562. Practical application of Trinitarian doctrine We shall consider, among many possible applications, how the reality of the… Read More »

Common Figures of Speech I. Figures emphasizing comparisons A. Simile B. Metaphor II. Figures involving association A. Metonymy B. Synecdoche III. Figures stressing personal dimension… Read More »

I. Subjective Analysis – attention to thought patterns II. Objective Analysis – attention to form patterns 1. Repetition of words or groups of words Ecclesiastes… Read More »

Introduction to the Old Testament Semester: 2017 Fall Credit hours: Two Lecturer: David Murray email: Office hours: Book a time here. Facilitator: Chris Engelsma… Read More »

6. Why do believers have to die? Believers do not have to die, but do die to have communion with Christ’s sufferings, to experience Christ’s… Read More »