object complement

An object complement is a noun or pronoun that follows and modifies a DO. (cf. factitive) The word order is SUBJECT + VERB + DO + OBJECT COMPLEMENT. In each of the sentences below, the object complement is boldfaced. Notice how all of them modify the DO.

  • We elected him chairman. (chairman is a noun)
  • The class elected the smallest boy president. (“president” modifies “boy” which is the DO of the verb “elected”)
  • και τοις τας περιστερας πωλουσιν ειπεν αρατε ταυτα εντευθεν μη ποιειτε τον οικον του πατρος μου οικον εμποριου. –John 2:16 (οικον εμποριυ is modifying the previous τον οικον which is the DO of ποιειτε)

An object complement can be a noun as in the above examples, or it can be an adjective. For instance;

  • We painted the house red. (“red” is an adjective modifying “house” which is the DO of the verb “painted”)
  • My son painted his room blue. (“blue” modifies “room” which is the DO of “painted”)
  • God declares a sinner just when he justifies him. (“just” modifies sinner which is the DO of “declares”)
  • The clown made the children very excited. (The participle “excited” modifies “children” which is the DO of “made”)

This is a common use of the accusative case in Greek (Matt. 6:27). In Hebrew, the piel is sometimes used this way. video

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