predicate adjective

A predicate adjective is in predicate position; e.g. “the word is good“.  An attributive adjective is in attributive position; e.g. “the good word”.

Learn how to diagram PAs here.



An adjective in predicate position is anarthrous. When translating, some form of the verb “to be” will be necessary.  cf. attributive adjective

The following sentences all mean, “The word is good.”  Study chapter 9 in BBG.

ο λογος αγαθος
αγαθος ο λογος



The predicate adjective will never be articular.  Study this.

An attributive adjective must agree with whatever it is modifying in gender , number, and definiteness.    video

A predicate adjective precedes the noun it modifies. It must agree with this noun in gender , number, but not definiteness.    video

A substantive adjective will be performing some noun function.    video


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