Reformed Orthodoxy: English Puritanism from the Westminster Assembly to 1688

314: Modern Church History

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Required Reading:Westminster AssemblyPuritanismOliver CromwellThe Stuart Kings
  1. Gonzalez 233-236
  2. Owen, The Glory of Christ in His Love,  simplified version  |  original  |   Kindle

Joel Beeke, Class lectures on Puritan Theology;  book: Puritan Theology  kindle |  print

The Puritan Library

  1. John Brown, The English Puritans
  2. Daniel Neal, The History of the Puritans, vol 1  vol 2
  3. The Puritan Papers series
  1. J. H. Merle D’Aubine, The Protector
  1. Samuel Cowan, The Royal House of Stuart
  2. Jacob Abbott, Charles I, Charles II
  3. David Hume, The History of England


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