314: Lessons

314: Modern Church History


Lecture 1:  Review of History from the Reformation to mid Seventeenth Century

Lecture 2:  Reformed Orthodoxy: English Puritanism from the Westminster Assembly to 1688

Lecture 3:  Reformed Orthodoxy: Scottish Presbyterianism from the Westminster Assembly to 1688

Lecture 4:  Reformed Orthodoxy: The Dutch Reformed from the Synod of Dort to 1688

Lecture 5:  Reformed Scholasticism and Debate: Voetius, Cocceius, Witsius, Turretin, and Amyraut

Lecture 6:  Lutheran Orthodoxy in the Seventeenth Century

Lecture 7:  Roman Catholicism and Religious Movements in the Seventeenth Century

Lecture 8:  The “Enlightenment”: Rationalism, Empiricism, and other Challenges

Lecture 9:  English Christianity in the Eighteenth Century: Anglicans, Methodists, and Baptists

Lecture 10:  Scottish Christianity in the 18th Century: The Marrow Controversy and Secession

Lecture 11:  Christianity in the Netherlands in the 18th Century: the ‘Nadere Reformatie’

Lecture 12:  Lutheranism and Pietism; Spiritualist Movements; Roman Catholicism

Lecture 13:  North American Christianity: Puritans, Revival, and Revolution

Lecture 14:  English Christianity in the Nineteenth Century

Lecture 15:  Christianity in Scotland in the Nineteenth Century

Lecture 16:  Christianity in the Netherlands in the Nineteenth Century

Lecture 17:  Nineteenth Century Lutheranism; Higher Criticism; Philosophy

Lecture 18:  Princeton Theology

Lecture 19:  Nineteenth Century Missionary Movements

Lecture 21:  The Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy

Lecture 22:  Neo-Orthodoxy: Barth, Brunner, Bultmann

Lecture 23:  Twentieth Century Reformed Theology & Theologians

Lecture 24:  The Global Church of the Twentieth Century: Africa, Asia, and South America

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