The cohortative verb in Hebrew is in the first person and is used to express plea, insistence, imploring, self-encouragement, wish, desire, intent, command, purpose or consequence. Sometimes it is marked by a ה suffix (KHW chp. 41.1).  chart | video

“Let us do such and such…”
“I will do…”
“We will do…”

Cohortatives, imperatives, and jussives are all in what’s called “the volitional mood”.  Distinguish the cohortative, which is always first person, imperative which are always second person, and the jussive which is always third person.

Cohortative – (1st person) “Let us praise the LORD!”
Imperative – (2nd person) “You praise the LORD!”
Jussive – (3rd person) “Let him praise the LORD!”

For Greek, see hortatory subjunctive.

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